A little about me.

About Danny Cruz

Of course, the professional aspect of things is only a small part of what makes a person. Plus, you have to like who you work with, otherwise no manner of talents will make daily work-life bearable.

I’m a very active person. I prefer outdoor activities over a good TV show. I quite enjoy water-sports as I pretty much grew up around the ocean in one way or another. I also enjoy tinkering with things in order to learn new things. For example, at the moment I’ve been enjoying building custom drones from scratch, programming flight controllers and flying them in first-person-view.

I enjoy spending time with my family of 5 and I’ll often take my daughter paddleboarding in the ocean for a bit of exercise and daddy-daughter time.

In the realm of design, I’ve found that it’s something I enjoy doing regardless of it being a career. I have a degree in design and have had continuos training through the years. That said, what really makes a great designer is having the will and desire to continue growing. Throughout the years I have found myself many a time designing something for myself over the weekend — be it for fun or for some random project. It has never been just about getting paid.

In the last few years I’ve also been enjoying automotive photography and blogging about exotic and classic cars in my blog RallyWays. This has allowed me to expand my photography and writing skills, allowed me to meet new amazing people I would’ve not met otherwise as well as practice my public relations skills. Additionally, this has helped me fine-tuning my SEO and online marketing skills, not to mention branding.

Finally, my goal has always been to constantly manage an active lifestyle and balance it with my professional and family life. This is a goal that’s worth pursuing… and one that really never ends.

Now that you know a little bit more about me personally, my list of qualifications would be the next best thing to see.

-Danny Cruz